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  • Cybersecurity Career Roadmap

    Do you want options?
    A cybersecurity career gives you options!

    (and you don’t need a tech degree to get in.)

    Let me ask you:

    Are you stuck in your career and looking for a way out? Would you like to transition into cybersecurity without learning how to code? Do you also want an exciting career that allows you to work from anywhere?

    What if I told you, you could transfer your current professional skills into cybersecurity? 

    What if I told you, you could get into cybersecurity without mathematics skills, coding skills, or a STEM degree?

    Hey, Chioma here,
    I’m a cybersecurity specialist with experience working in a security operations center(SOC) & handling the security management of several companies in various industries through consultation, deployment & training.

    I dumped my beauty business to learn about the web years ago.
    In the process, transitioned into cybersecurity simply because I wanted to learn how various companies adopt technologies for operations and delivery while I help keep them secure from falling victim to cyber-attacks.

    Now my mission is to help those who are stuck and paid less in their professional career transition easily into the cybersecurity field. 

    So they find true meaning in working from wherever they desire, get paid well for it, and position themselves in an in-demand industry with options and room for exponential growth.

    Ready to get into cybersecurity?

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