Get Access To Over 700 Remote-Friendly Companies

So you can finally have the “work from anywhere” lifestyle

Have you experienced this:

  1. You apply to several companies but never get feedback from them
  2. You eventually manage to get feedback and go through a series of interviews which you nail but when you’re asked for your details for your offer letter and you indicate you’re from Nigeria, you never hear back from them.
  3. Recruiters even go as far as getting you blocked on Google meet & LinkedIn once you schedule for interview and you indicate you live in Nigeria

I went through all that and more after I got fired from my first job & wanted to get paid more for my skills working for companies abroad remotely from Nigeria.

  • How would you feel if you finally found companies that are remote-friendly without geographical restrictions?
  • How would your life change knowing you can work from anywhere for oversea companies  and get paid well in USD
  • What would it mean for you when you no longer have to hesitate to tell companies that you live in Nigeria to get the role you want.

Bonus Training

  1. Get noticed and have recruiters flood you with DM on LinkedIn & Twitter
  2. Portfolio-ready to stand out even if you just transitioned to a new career or have been out of a job for a very long time probably due to childbirth 
  3. Online positioning for recommendations and tips to getting roles even if you’re just launching a new career

Who is this for?

  • Professionals in various industries including tech professionals, designers, copywriters, consultants etc. if you have seen remote options for your current role, then this is for you.
  • Those looking to start a new career that can be performed remotely
  • Professionals who are stuck and want to transition to another career path. For example, an accountant that is looking to transition into tech 

About Me

Techietude CEO

My name is Chioma Emelda. I’m on a mission to help the underrepresented grow their income and impact without getting overwhelmed and stuck.

As a tech and business development specialist with close to two decades in the tech field, I took the challenge to find answers to my personal development while attaining financial stability and security without trading my time and freedom to work from anywhere.

My research, results, and experience has now turned into helping others do the same. And now, I get to share that with the world, starting with YOU.